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Tattoos In Flight

A gallery of airplane, aviation, space & flying related tattoo art collected from around the world — displaying the passion for the sky exhibited by the wearer.

It features the most skilled artists from around the world who excel in tattooing this unique subject matter, allowing aviation and aerospace enthusiasts to make more informed decisions in choosing a tattoo artist.

“I have many friends and colleagues who are as conservative as you can get, though I have been pleasantly surprised on how open minded some of them have been.

Still, I rarely speak about my tattoos unless asked and it’s even rarer to see them displayed … and I will never show them in a professional setting in any form.

To me, they are very personal expressions of my innermost passion for that which drives my eyes skyward. The passion for flight.” – says Ryan, the owner, an active pilot and working as a professional in the aviation industry.

As a result, his ongoing tattoo project exclusively uses Aviation and flight as the theme.

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