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November 2018

16 November

Airline Pilots Raise Training Concerns About Boeing’s 737 Max

Third Pilots’ Union Raises Concern About Boeing 737 Max Jet

Manufacturer had concerns about engine part that led to woman’s death on Southwest flight

Here are all of the countries not allowed to fly into the US

Indian Aviation Safety Body Rushes to Train Crash Investigators Ahead of UN Audit

Canadian Regulator Too Passive, Safety Board Chief Says

Deadly Air Force Training Jet Crash Was the Fifth in Just One Year

In-flight sexual misconduct task force announced by Department of Transportation

Speculations over the new FAA chief and what it could mean for the drone industry

Celebrating 90 years of Antarctic aviation

UK orders 17 more F-35B Lightning II aircraft

SaudiGulf signs for A320neo family aircraft

GAMA Accelerates Dialogue on eVTOL Aircraft

SpaceX gets FCC approval to deploy thousands more internet satellites

15 November

Algerian airplanes take off without maintenance

Companies flock to Hagerstown in search for aviation mechanics

DC Aviation Becomes Rockwell Collins Authorized Dealer

Aviation complex will design and build planes, train pilots

Continued Progress Under Boeing’s Predictive Maintenance Umbrella

Maintenance method will predict equipment failures

Magnetic MRO Cuts Paper Consumption, Shifts to Biometric e-Signatures

Bombardier’s aerospace apprenticeship program in Bridgeport registered with U.S. Department of Labor

Russia says it’s going to beat Elon Musk and SpaceX’s ‘old tech’ with a nuclear rocket

14 November

China Southern Airlines jet lands at Hong Kong International Airport – only to find another plane on the runway

NTSB: Pilot in Kaneohe Bay chopper crash lost consciousness twice during flight

Report sheds light on Southwest jet that blew an engine, killing passenger

FAA evaluates a potential design flaw on Boeing’s 737 MAX after Lion Air crash

Last-minute flight schedule changes are wearing out pilots, unions complain

Pilot shortage remedy raises safety questions as thousands sought to fill gap

Time to tame unruly passengers on flight

Changes Coming for U.S. Aircraft Registry

Robertson ISASI Fellowship Awardee: Tori Kobayashi

Atlas signs pilot agreement with Ameriflight while unions continue to warn of staff shortages

13 November

Jet makes emergency landing at MSP. No injuries reported

Flight control feature of Boeing 737 MAX under scrutiny after Lion Air accident

FAA denies report on new probe of Boeing’s safety analyses on 737 MAX

Pilots are not high-flyers when it comes to English proficiency

FAA’s Bill Johnson Receives FSF-Airbus Human Factors in Aviation Safety Award

Data-sharing Leader Shahidi To Take Helm at FSF

Virgin Australia engineer sacked for alleged misconduct after raising safety concerns

‘Comfort Animals’ Do Not Belong In An Aircraft Cabin; Regulators May Act Soon To Address The Problem

Crew error cited in deadly C-130 crash that sparked Congress’ aviation commission

Pacific Air Cargo adds sixth daily flight to Honolulu-Los Angeles schedule

Vietnam’s newest airline Bamboo gets aviation license

Amazon Air may be on the hunt for more cargo planes as it takes delivery of 40th aircraft

12 November

Deadly Lion Air Crash Puts Spotlight on Safety Culture Within Indonesia’s Airlines

SpaceX to test hybrid BFR next year

737 Pilots Not Told of MAX Design Change That Could Factor in Lion Air Crash

U.S. Pilots Maintain Boeing Never Warned of System Linked to 737 Crash in Indonesia

How to land a “completely uncontrollable” passenger jet

Sumwalt Sees Growing Data Role for NTSB

Officials Are Investigating Why a Las Vegas Airport Controller Suddenly Went Silent

Decades battling for veteran status, WWII women pilots fight for their place in Texas history

Tata in active talks to buy majority stake in Jet Airways

Want A Private Jet? Mexico’s Next President Has One Up For Sale

11 November

Bristow Group To Combine With Columbia Helicopters In A $560 Million Transaction

Rolls-Royce Introduces New Engine Change Service

Closing the gap: Skills must catch up to demand in aviation sector, officials say

Boeing, Safran Joint Venture to Start Operations

Aviation Expert urges Federal Government to invest in Aircraft Maintenance

Air New Zealand and French plane maker to develop electric aircraft

Japan fails to move forward on SDF inspection of Futenma base

TS&S Achieves Chinese Approval For V2500 MRO

10 November

Wind lashed at jet during runway overrun: Transportation Safety Board

FAA order tells how 737 pilots should arrest ‘runaway stabiliser

Boeing issues safety bulletin for pilots after Indonesia crash

EASA Holds Annual Safety Conference

FAA Weighs Penalties for Illegal Charter

ATR and Air NZ to investigate hybrid regional aircraft

Used private jets from China are landing with U.S. buyers

Bombardier Global 7500 gains FAA Certification

Dreaming of Mars Since Age 13, Astronaut Abby Inspires Women in STEM

9 November

US emergency directive after Boeing jet crash in Indonesia

Pentastar Enrolls in Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Aviation Safety Action Program

EASA warns on AW169 tail rotor safety

AOPA “leading the charge” for Aviation Education

China Will Need More than 7,400 New Aircraft in the Next 20 Years

AirAsia considers buying Mitsubishi’s delay-plagued jet

Bombardier Presents the 22nd Safety Stand-down Award to an Aviation Maintenance Professional for the First Time

Air Canada Airlines is going paperless with TRAX

MTU Maintenance Zhuhai’s Joint Venture Contract Extended by 20 Years

Australia Moves on New Genav Maintenance Rules

Collaboration Key To Cracking Skills Conundrum In India

Amid the Global Shortage of Aircraft Mechanics, Students Flock to L.A.’s Top Training Program

Lion Air Crash Investigators Probe Faulty Airspeed Readings

Uzbekistan Airways Technics wants to break free from its parent airline

Brisbane to emerge as Australasia’s aviation hub

SpaceX to Build ‘Mini BFR’ Version of Mars Rocket to Fly on Falcon 9, Elon Musk Says




8 November

American Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Charleston

Transportation Safety Board to analyze every aspect of Carp mid-air plane crash

Report: Boeing Warns Airlines of Potential 737 MAX Glitch After Lion Air Crash

Xiamen Airlines and GE Aviation Sign Digital Solutions Agreement

Boeing to deliver 2000th airplane to China

United Aircraft concentrating on customer service: Chief

Female pilots: Which airline has the highest number?

Why this company is bringing dozens of French-built fighter jets to Fort Worth Alliance Airport

7 November

Damaged Black Box poses new challenge for Lion Air Crash Probe

Pilot radioed alert on doomed Indonesian jet’s previous flight

Indonesia hunts sea bed for crashed Lion Air jet’s second black box

What is a ‘black box’, and why do we still rely on them?

A Japanese Pilot Was Arrested After Being Caught Nearly 10 Times Over Legal Alcohol Limit

Indonesia tightens aviation safety standards

The Mars Society’s Robert Zubrin Has a ‘Moon Direct’ Plan to Drive a Lunar Economy

FAA Working with Industry on High-altitude O2 Mandate

FAA Asks Operators to examine Weight and Balance procedures

Learn to fly Sikorsky’s new helicopter in just 45 minutes

Cirrus Aircraft Launches Cirrus Services

Amid rising global demand for aircraft mechanics, a training program opens in Alaska

6 November

Jet emergency shakes passengers

‘Engine malfunction’ mid-takeoff forces Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation

Diver dies in search for Lion Air crash, main fuselage found

Indonesia Says Crashed Boeing Saw Airspeed Snags on Four Flights

Kenya Places Emphasis On Improving Air Safety

AirAsia Philippines passes a major international safety audit

UK aircraft engineers seek Irish licences to stay working in EU after Brexit

DeLisi: Part 121 Has Laid Roadmap for Bizav Safety

Qatar Airways becomes first airline to adopt real-time flight tracking

Delta Exec Eyed As FAA Administrator

GE Aviation receives FAA approval to install 3D printed bracket on GEnx commercial airline engines

Brazil’s Embraer sells jets worth $705 million to American Airlines: statement

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Saudi Airshow

Saudi Airshow will focus on 4 core sectors within the Aviation and Aerospace Industry, namely Commercial, Business, Defence and Infrastructure.

Commercial Aviation continues to expand within the Middle East, driven largely by the growth in the supply and demand by major gulf carriers. These airlines have committed to further developing their fleets and routes in order to create an aviation hub within the Middle East to boost tourism, business travel and the economy. Saudi Arabia has had one of the most highly regulated
aviation markets in the world and limited foreign involvement. But rising population and affluence has led to a demand for more services. GACA expects annual passenger traffic to soar from 65 million in 2012 to 100 million by 2020, including almost a doubling of domestic traffic to 28.5 million.

Business Aviation on in the Middle East continues to see strong growth with both movements and the number of aircraft registered increasing steadily. Saudi Arabia represents 30% of the aircraft registered in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest private jet & GA markets in the Middle East. The rapidly growing economies of the GCC are helping to cement business aviation as a cornerstone of the Middle East Aerospace Industry for years to come with the Middle East regional fleet to triple by 2036.

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest markets in the Aerospace and Defence sector in the Middle East. By participating at Saudi Airshow, you will meet organizations and global influencers all under one roof. Saudi Airshow provides a comprehensive Civil and Military Delegations Programme that allows our exhibitors to engage with key decision makers and influencers.

The development of Airport Infrastructure and Suppliers across the globe is steadily increasing as a result of the growing demand for both domestic and international air travel. It is essential that airport planning and infrastructure development supports safe, functional, capacity balanced and user-friendly airports. With 7 airports in Saudi Arabia which will be entirely refurbished for the opening market of business tourism, the Saudi Airshow will be an excellent platform to showcase your company’s airport products and services.




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